Doodle-able Table

The Matchbox table was named for its unique resemblance to an old-school matchbox created by its contrasting materials. It merges playfulness with modern elegance in an occasional table you can write on.

On one end, raw wood makes a clean surface for placing objects, and on the other is a chalkboard surface for drawing, scribbling ideas, or creating your own unique designs!

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The Danish Summer House Of Architects Mette and Martin Wienberg

Architects Mette and Martin Wienberg designed their Danish summer home to meet the whole families requirements. Completed in 2006, this 200sqm residence features ample of natural daylight, earthy light tones, and a choice of materials that give out a sense of warmness and coolness at the same time.

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The Olive Exclusive

The Olive Exclusive is a small boutique hotel located in Windhoek, Namibia. The interior is rich in earthly elements, and makes use of wood and stone in both refined and more crude fashions.

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Ampezzo Meleres by Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo

Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo created this rustic country home in 2008 for a client located in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. It features furnishings constructed from repurposed wood.

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