IT Café By Divercity Architects In Athens, Greece

Another great project comes from Divercity Architects where they have designed and developed an eatery & café with a unique spatial program and flexible use to weather the times and maximize on the space used.

Set in the high-end Kolonaki district, IT café is located in an existing downtown building where the idea of a packing crate materializes the food experience through texture, warmth and honest materials.

IT café is a fresh project in a city with a great desire and determination to push forward. The space’s simple and low cost materials referencing a packing crate create an experience that is simple and structurally honest. The result is an environment that is inviting, dynamic and genuine to the materials used and food served.

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Pizza East, Kentish Town

The newest addition to the Pizza East family may have gone vintage with its design and choice of materials, but its retro-industrial looks serve only to lend the restaurant an extra freshness. Among the pre-used features are the white wall tiles  and their sandy ceiling counterparts, and reassuringly hefty-looking leather-bound bar stools – after all regular customers will soon be boxing in the heavyweight division if they don’t get to the gym on a regular basis.

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Casa da Baixa / Rocha Leite Arquitectos Associados

The building in question which was acquired in an advanced state of degradation, revealed, after a major “clean-up”, its potential for regeneration and some unique aspects: plaster work, carpentry, skylight… The client required a functional refurbishment and overall modernisation, in line with the trend for “smart” revitalisation of the city centre, while being sensitive to the preservation of heritage.

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