October Field by ZE|Workroom studio

October Field is the name of this trendy apartment, created by ZE|Workroom studio and located in Moscow, Russia.

The apartment has an area of approximately 1,100 square feet, and was designed with a young family in mind.

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IT Café By Divercity Architects In Athens, Greece

Another great project comes from Divercity Architects where they have designed and developed an eatery & café with a unique spatial program and flexible use to weather the times and maximize on the space used.

Set in the high-end Kolonaki district, IT café is located in an existing downtown building where the idea of a packing crate materializes the food experience through texture, warmth and honest materials.

IT café is a fresh project in a city with a great desire and determination to push forward. The space’s simple and low cost materials referencing a packing crate create an experience that is simple and structurally honest. The result is an environment that is inviting, dynamic and genuine to the materials used and food served.

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New House in Neutral Colours With Panoramic View Over the Alps by Gogl Architekten

Meet Haus Walde, a gorgeous new structure built by Gogl Architekten, located in Kitzbühel, Austria. The clients requested a contemporary open plan living space with panoramic views over the Alps.

It was not an easy task for the architects, because they had to identify a design line that blended perfectly with the old house, without making it look old. To avoid an architectural conflict, the new structure is enriched with a few rustic notes.

The two houses are independent one from another representing two different structures built in two different periods of time. The new house exhales more luminosity. It has floor-to-ceiling windows with wooden frame and a uncluttered interior, inspiring breeziness. These makes it a soothing place, just perfect to enjoy the breathtaking landscape.

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The Danish Summer House Of Architects Mette and Martin Wienberg

Architects Mette and Martin Wienberg designed their Danish summer home to meet the whole families requirements. Completed in 2006, this 200sqm residence features ample of natural daylight, earthy light tones, and a choice of materials that give out a sense of warmness and coolness at the same time.

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A Blend of Creative Details: The Vale Apartments in Kuala Lumpur

Blu Water Studio completed the design and development for an original project entitled “The Vale Apartments” and located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their work displays a charming, almost bohemian-like atmosphere, inspiring contemporary serenity. You can see how the open plan layout is enhanced by a creative placement of furniture and decorating details, resulting in a harmonious and cozy blend.

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The Olive Exclusive

The Olive Exclusive is a small boutique hotel located in Windhoek, Namibia. The interior is rich in earthly elements, and makes use of wood and stone in both refined and more crude fashions.

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Berri Residence by naturehumaine

Berri Residence is a renovation and extension of a 1940′s home by naturehumaine located in Montréal, Canada. A new dining room was added along with a remodeled kitchen and master bedroom.


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The ‘Bistrot’ in Seminyak, Kuta District, Bali

The Bistrot, the new vintage Parisian eatery and bar on buzzing Jalan Kayu Aya – also known as Jalan Laksmana and Jalan Oberoi – fondly known as the ”eat Street” in Seminyak, Kuta district, Bali is a glamorous new addition brought to us from the magical imagination and vision of Moroccan-born Interior Decorator Zohra Boukhari and her husband Blaise Samoy founder of Hishem Furniture.

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Animal Music / Nidolab

These are the offices of Animal Music, a music recording studio. Our main idea for this project was to depurate and clean the chaotic space of the common areas. We created a new space that contains a very long high table where different activities could evolve. This was the main intervention done where visitors are welcome to sit or browse though the floor to ceiling bookcase while waiting for a meeting.

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Modern Family Home by Dennis Gibbens Architects

Dennis Gibbens Architects created this modern home in 2012 for a client located in Venice, California, USA. The 12,000 square foot property also includes a sports court, pool, spa, and detached guest house.

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Cottage House by Studio Aiko

Cottage House is a vision created by Studio Aiko for a design by Orly Shrem. It features elegant stone and glass walls, and a sophisticated interior with a stunning view of the carefully manicured gardens outside.

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Modern Meets Rustic Revealing a Special Eclectic Décor

Located in Eugene, Oregon, the 1151 Crenshaw residence is a wonderful way to express a unique blend of styles. By mixing rustic elements with modern design lines, Jordan Iverson Signature Homes studio has done a wonderful job in defining an eclectic style for this particular home. The house accommodates three outdoor decks overlooking endless views and a roof terrace, for evenings filled with tranquility.

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Single House, Athens

This two-storey detached house in Athens, designed by Minas Kosmidis of the Architecture in Concept studio, boasts an enviable view of the Acropolis, but frankly who needs one of the world’s great architectural monuments when you have this interior to gaze on right under your nose? Yes, we’re being silly – in fact AiC based the entire re-model around that view as its central selling point, but along the way created something pretty special closer to home.h


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Sky Box Apartment by Centric Design Group

This Sky Box Apartment was designed by Centric Design Group, and is located in the Netherlands. The property boasts a vast terrace which looks out into the surrounding piers.

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Pizza East, Kentish Town

The newest addition to the Pizza East family may have gone vintage with its design and choice of materials, but its retro-industrial looks serve only to lend the restaurant an extra freshness. Among the pre-used features are the white wall tiles  and their sandy ceiling counterparts, and reassuringly hefty-looking leather-bound bar stools – after all regular customers will soon be boxing in the heavyweight division if they don’t get to the gym on a regular basis.

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