IT Café By Divercity Architects In Athens, Greece

Another great project comes from Divercity Architects where they have designed and developed an eatery & café with a unique spatial program and flexible use to weather the times and maximize on the space used.

Set in the high-end Kolonaki district, IT café is located in an existing downtown building where the idea of a packing crate materializes the food experience through texture, warmth and honest materials.

IT café is a fresh project in a city with a great desire and determination to push forward. The space’s simple and low cost materials referencing a packing crate create an experience that is simple and structurally honest. The result is an environment that is inviting, dynamic and genuine to the materials used and food served.

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Single House, Athens

This two-storey detached house in Athens, designed by Minas Kosmidis of the Architecture in Concept studio, boasts an enviable view of the Acropolis, but frankly who needs one of the world’s great architectural monuments when you have this interior to gaze on right under your nose? Yes, we’re being silly – in fact AiC based the entire re-model around that view as its central selling point, but along the way created something pretty special closer to home.h


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H3 by 314 Architecture Studio

H3, a home designed by 314 Architecture Studio, is located in Athens, Greece. This home, its white walls in stark contrast with the green countryside in which it stands, is constructed based on straight lines jetting out in every direction and allowing the eye to travel throughout the structure.

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