Eco-Friendly Design with a Dutch Personality: The Bamboo Chair

In recent times, Dutch design furniture has been heavily focused on creating eco-friendly designs while using sustainable materials and The Bamboo Chair follows this trend.


Using long-established Asian plaiting methods in combination with modern Dutch design techniques, designers Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen were able to create a chair that is made 100% from bamboo, displaying a refined look.

Utilizing strips of bamboo 25cm by 10mm that are arched to create the main frame, the Bamboo chair is similar to the typical tub-chairs found on cruise ships. This project was designed to create a beautiful, comfortable, and more importantly a sustainable chair.

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24H-Architecture: children’s activity and learning center, Thailand

As the most striking of a series of ecologically-charged icons designed for the resort, the children’s center is a locally-sourced and labored bamboo structure out of a child’s paradise designed to provide a place for them to play, eat, learn, discover, share, watch, laugh, and listen all the while being infused with an environmentally friendly and local message.

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