The Latest Street Painting By Lang-Baumann

With six paintings already completed in various locations since 2003, Lang-Baumann have gone on to create their seventh instalment in the series in Rennes, France. Laid out along Jules Simon Street, right in the heart of Rennes.

In their latest public artwork offering, the prolific duo has just given the term ‘street art’ a literal meaning. ‘Street Painting’ is a series of urban paintings where geometrical shapes and bright colours are directly laid onto the street’s asphalt.

This is the first of their paintings in France and it will grace the city with its presence until May 25, 2014.

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Works by Taylor White

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Brooklyn-based artist Amanda Browder

When looking at one of Amanda Browder‘s colorful installations or plush creations, one can’t help but smile. Working from often recycled materials and fabrics, the Brooklyn-based artist creates her patchwork world of sculptures and objects including everything from a stuffed gorilla barfing glittery strings to a monumental, quilted waterfall draped over the Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn. Imaginative, interactive and often oversized, Browder’s work walks the thin line between fine art and everyday object.


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