Illustrations by DXTR

Illustrations by artist DXTR from Berlin, Germany.


The Latest Street Painting By Lang-Baumann

With six paintings already completed in various locations since 2003, Lang-Baumann have gone on to create their seventh instalment in the series in Rennes, France. Laid out along Jules Simon Street, right in the heart of Rennes.

In their latest public artwork offering, the prolific duo has just given the term ‘street art’ a literal meaning. ‘Street Painting’ is a series of urban paintings where geometrical shapes and bright colours are directly laid onto the street’s asphalt.

This is the first of their paintings in France and it will grace the city with its presence until May 25, 2014.

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Clemens Fantur’s spontaneous-style photography is the definition of spot on

 Clemens is an emerging photographer from the lovely city of Vienna in Austria.

The ability to point and shoot successfully is not one to be taken lightly, especially when you manage to produce photographs as beautiful as Clemens’, which are perfectly timed when it comes to light and composition.


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Two Heads Are Better Than One

Two students of The San Francisco Art Institute have combined their considerable creative forces in the realisation of Going Nowhere, a joint exhibition that explores modern America and the artists’ experiences and opinions thereof.

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Vertical Horizons of Hong Kong by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

‘Vertical Horizon’, by french graphic artist Romain Jacquet-Lagreze is a photographic journey between the buildings of the relentlessly growing metropolis of Hong-Kong. The image series takes a deep dive into the city’s thick atmospheres, showcasing a visual record of  its wildly diverse built environment. Presented in a hard-cover book, the collection of unique compositions contemplate the raw nature of chinese culture and the expression of its sheer vivacity.


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Man Of Letters – Max ‘RIPO’ Rippon

RIPO uses wordplay in every sense in this collection of 20 works, featuring ink, spray-paint, watercolours and one-shot enamel on hand-cut paper, and in fact his ostensibly 2D pieces are often so multi-layered as to border on sculpture. The native New Yorker employs calligraphy, graffiti and signage to produce his chaotic but absorbing pieces. Cut from The Chase is on display at San Francisco’s White Walls Project Space until 9th April.

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