Illustrations by DXTR

Illustrations by artist DXTR from Berlin, Germany.


Concept of Scate Chair by Oleg Soroko

Created by 24 years old architect, designer and CG artist Oleg Soroko from Moscow, Scate Chair is the newest element from a collection “Parametric Furniture” inspired by underwater creature.

Chair is made of 15 mm thick plywood sections and fastened together with iron rods, which are wound on the mounting bolts.

As said by the author – “This technology makes it relatively easy and cheap to do non-linear form. Also, a big plus of this technology is that the sections of plywood form a pattern of lines on the general form making it more readable”.

Richard Hutten designs combined conference and ping pong table

Dutch designer Richard Hutten has created a conference table that can easily be converted for a game of ping pong. It features a drawer in each end to contain the two white bats, balls and a detachable net that clamps onto the edges of the table top.

The table is made of beech and features a walnut inlay to mark out the field for table tennis, but also divides the surface into four workspaces. It’s made by craftsmen in the Netherlands and measures 240 by 120 centimetres.

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October Field by ZE|Workroom studio

October Field is the name of this trendy apartment, created by ZE|Workroom studio and located in Moscow, Russia.

The apartment has an area of approximately 1,100 square feet, and was designed with a young family in mind.

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Innovative and Practical Motion Sensor LED Strip Lighting by e3light

This lighting project began its first developments in Spring of 2011 when the owner of e3lightFlemming Viktor Andersen, was making a total renovation of his house. The owner had only the highest demands with lighting in his private home. However, he discovered that intelligent light solutions for his bedroom and closets were both a technical and time-consuming challenge.

He realized that light should automatically respond to one’s actions and needs. e3light therefore began developing an intelligent commercial product designed to support the convenience of a modern life style.

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TOP 5 articles of 2013

2013 was a great year for Elevatus Design, also it was the first one. I had fun running this blog and be sure to check it next year for even more inspiration.

1. Aquatic Backyard by Centric Design Group

2. High-speed liquid sculpture photography

3. Pastel and charcoal drawings by Iris van Dongen

4. Mill Valley Cabins in San Francisco by Feldman Architecture

5. Clemens Fantur’s spontaneous-style photography is the definition of spot on

Eco-Friendly Design with a Dutch Personality: The Bamboo Chair

In recent times, Dutch design furniture has been heavily focused on creating eco-friendly designs while using sustainable materials and The Bamboo Chair follows this trend.


Using long-established Asian plaiting methods in combination with modern Dutch design techniques, designers Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen were able to create a chair that is made 100% from bamboo, displaying a refined look.

Utilizing strips of bamboo 25cm by 10mm that are arched to create the main frame, the Bamboo chair is similar to the typical tub-chairs found on cruise ships. This project was designed to create a beautiful, comfortable, and more importantly a sustainable chair.

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The Interlace by OMA and Ole Scheeren nears completion

An OMA-designed housing complex comprising 31 apartment blocks stacked diagonally across one another is nearing completion in Singapore.

The Interlace was designed by former OMA partner Ole Scheeren, who has since moved on to set up his own studio. It is made up of a series of near-identical six-storey blocks, which have been arranged in a honeycomb pattern around six hexagonal courtyards.

Set to complete in 2014, the 170,000 square-metre complex will offer 1040 apartments and is located at the intersection of Ayer Rajah Expressway and Alexandra Road in the south west of the city.

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IT Café By Divercity Architects In Athens, Greece

Another great project comes from Divercity Architects where they have designed and developed an eatery & café with a unique spatial program and flexible use to weather the times and maximize on the space used.

Set in the high-end Kolonaki district, IT café is located in an existing downtown building where the idea of a packing crate materializes the food experience through texture, warmth and honest materials.

IT café is a fresh project in a city with a great desire and determination to push forward. The space’s simple and low cost materials referencing a packing crate create an experience that is simple and structurally honest. The result is an environment that is inviting, dynamic and genuine to the materials used and food served.

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The Latest Street Painting By Lang-Baumann

With six paintings already completed in various locations since 2003, Lang-Baumann have gone on to create their seventh instalment in the series in Rennes, France. Laid out along Jules Simon Street, right in the heart of Rennes.

In their latest public artwork offering, the prolific duo has just given the term ‘street art’ a literal meaning. ‘Street Painting’ is a series of urban paintings where geometrical shapes and bright colours are directly laid onto the street’s asphalt.

This is the first of their paintings in France and it will grace the city with its presence until May 25, 2014.

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Park House by Another Apartment

Japanese studio Another Apartment has completed a house with an asymmetric roof on a narrow site in suburban Tokyo.

Constructed across the street from a local park, the three-storey house has a glazed facade intended to offer views out towards the trees.

A garage and bathroom take up most of the ground floor of Park House, so the architect located the living room and bedroom on the middle storey.

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Private Building Designed to be Consumed by Vegetation

Designed by Italian firm Act Romegialli Architects, Green Box is a small camouflaged garage for a private residence situated on the Raethian Alps.

While the interior is organized into a gardening room, cooking area, and a small dining/hang out space, it’s the exterior that makes this contemporary hobbit home pretty remarkable.

The architects created a lightweight skeleton of galvanized metal and steel wire for the sole purpose of promoting a habitat for climbing vegetation. From a distance only a glowing light would suggest the space was even habitable.

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Neri&Hu Furniture for De La Espada

Chinese design studio Neri&Hu will present a collection of wooden furniture for De La Espada in New York later this month.

Neri&Hu took the typology of a Chinese Tang Dynasty opium bed and modified it to create a sofa, which has shelves under the deep arms for storage.

The oval Solo table sits on two sets of three legs, each arranged in a triangle.

A two-tier desk folds out into a vanity table, with a mirror in the top shelf and a drawer full of different sized compartments in the lower bottom shelf.

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New House in Neutral Colours With Panoramic View Over the Alps by Gogl Architekten

Meet Haus Walde, a gorgeous new structure built by Gogl Architekten, located in Kitzbühel, Austria. The clients requested a contemporary open plan living space with panoramic views over the Alps.

It was not an easy task for the architects, because they had to identify a design line that blended perfectly with the old house, without making it look old. To avoid an architectural conflict, the new structure is enriched with a few rustic notes.

The two houses are independent one from another representing two different structures built in two different periods of time. The new house exhales more luminosity. It has floor-to-ceiling windows with wooden frame and a uncluttered interior, inspiring breeziness. These makes it a soothing place, just perfect to enjoy the breathtaking landscape.

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Doodle-able Table

The Matchbox table was named for its unique resemblance to an old-school matchbox created by its contrasting materials. It merges playfulness with modern elegance in an occasional table you can write on.

On one end, raw wood makes a clean surface for placing objects, and on the other is a chalkboard surface for drawing, scribbling ideas, or creating your own unique designs!

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